Joann Baney — Actress and International Scholar

Professor Baney brings a unique combination of expertise in stage performance and communications knowledge to her creative dynamic and instructive communication skill awareness and development to program participants. She is a faculty member with Columbia Business School’s Executive Education program, teaches in the Masters’ program at the School of International and Public Affairs, and has taught in the Speech Department, the Film School, and the Business school.

Joann Baney
World Renowned with Esteemed Knowledge If your daily life is a struggle, speak with the well-traveled Joann Baney, Professor of Leadership and Management Communication

She has worked with a wide variety of audiences, including high-ranking executives within the New York City Fire and Police Departments and the FAA, leaders in Jewish education, organizational and government leaders in Saudi Arabia, Colombia, the Republic of Georgia, and Qatar. She has worked with executives from China, Malaysia, Ireland, the EU, and individuals from around the globe. Professor Baney has also taught at Dartmouth, NYU, and the University of North Carolina business schools. Her clients range from for-profit institutions such as banks and financial services, real estate, public relations, publishing, energy, construction, and consulting to government agencies and a great variety of non-profit institutions.

Professor Baney has a BA in English with Dean’s Honors from the University of Chicago, and an MBA from Columbia University. Her book, Guide to Interpersonal Communication, has been translated into several languages including Chinese and Polish. For the past four years, her course in the MPA program at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs has been rated in the top five out of nearly two hundred courses.She has performed in numerous off-Broadway and professional productions as a singer and actress, and one of her current endeavors is

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Presentation Skills and Public Speaking: Creating a Dynamic Presence
  • Mastering Communication Strategy
  • Effective Persuasion and Influence Skills
  • Strategies and Skills for Managing Difficult Questions
  • Understanding Interpersonal Styles to Build Productive Relationships
  • Emotional Intelligence: Listening and Feedback
  • Effective Meeting Management
  • Interviewing Skills - from both sides of the table
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness Essentials
  • Effective Business Writing Skills
  • Visual Aid Design and Use

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